Emergency and Off-Grid Power

The Mighty Power Systemâ„¢

PPG Solar Panels + Mighty Box® Batteries

There is nothing else like this under the sun.â„¢ Power essential devices, including lights, refrigerators, smartphones and even medical equipment, during times of critical need. An ideal solution to provide humanitarian aid to remote locations, including villages, schools and field hospitals, and to help maintain cold chain refrigeration for safe storage of essential medications.

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Instant • Transportable • Clean • Renewable Energy

Where you need it. When you need it.

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Transformational Design

  • PPGs may be networked together to create any sized installation, including microgrids.
  • When an emergency arises and power is needed elsewhere, any number of PPGs can be quickly and easily disconnected, folded into their transport configuration, and rapidly deployed with the Mighty Box to where power is needed.
  • When the emergency passes, the PPGs are returned to their home base to again make power, while waiting for the next emergency.


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Emergency Preparedness

Unique, transformational design allows for easy deployment of individual units – either from storage or a working installation – to provide a complete independent power supply in times of critical need.

An Important Addition to Resources Needed by:

  • First responders
  • Municipal emergency shelters
  • Military installations
  • Foreign & domestic remote locations

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Easy to Install
Easy to Transport

  • No tools required
  • No training required
  • Requires no trenching, ground conditioning, wire runs, or material handling

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Sustainable Income Models for Municipalities and Communities

Learn more about how an investment in portable solar power will generate income for your community while being prepared to relocate the Mighty Power Systemâ„¢ where needed during times of emergency.

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