In an actual emergency involving power loss, it’s crucial that businesses frequented by large amounts of consumers on a daily basis--gas stations, restaurants, hotels, theaters, shopping centers, etc.--continue to operate with a constant, safe supply of power to ensure public safety. More than likely, utility grid power and natural gas for generators would not be available. Fuels for traditional generators would be difficult to find, if available at all.  Responsibility for the well-being of our citizens in public places suddenly takes on new meaning. 

The Mighty Power Systemâ„¢, comprised of The PPG and The Mighty Box®, delivers solar power and battery backup during times of emergency.  Versatile and reliable, the transportable Mighty Power System is safe and easy to use.  In under five minutes it can be set up and delivering continuous clean renewable energy.   Power can be restored for lighting, cell phone charging, refrigeration and other devices, offering safety and security to one’s business and customers.

Designed for flexibility, The Mighty Box can be safely used indoors or outdoors.   A 40’ main trunk cable is included so the PPG can be optimally positioned for maximum sun exposure without power loss.

When extreme weather is forecast The PPG can be closed, folded and placed flat on the ground, with the rigid and resistant exoskeleton protecting the solar panels from potential large flying debris.  When the weather clears, just open and reconnect to The Mighty Box to instantly provide critical standby power.

Being prepared for any eventuality is a sound business decision that will have a lasting and positive impact on one’s customers and community.