Developing Countries & Remote Locations

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The global need for energy continues to increase, especially in developing countries.  More than half the world’s rural populations—millions of people—do not have access to an electric grid.  Fossil fuels, primarily coal, are often abundant in these countries despite the harmful effects to the population and environment and the price of propane in many countries to power traditional gas generators is cost prohibitive. 

Although the push to fully embrace the benefits of solar energy continues, many citizens prefer the reliability of traditional power.  But emergency and off-grid power is still necessary for many applications and in locations where electric grids have yet to be created. 

Enter The Mighty Power Systemâ„¢, the most versatile transportable fuel-free emergency and off-grid generator on the market today.  Comprised of two separate components--The PPG and The Mighty Box®—The Mighty Power System operates on solar and battery power, featuring plug and play technology.  When delivered to its destination and sited by two people, it becomes operational in less than five minutes, instantly powering critical sites and devices.

Virtually labor free and safe and easy to use, The Mighty Power System can simultaneously supply power to multiple individual dwellings creating community solar and powering computers, cell phones, lights and refrigerators.  It replaces the need for unsafe and costly diesel generators to power tools at construction sites and mining operations and is a sustainable resource for irrigation systems, cold chain refrigeration, remote medical facilities and even base transceiver stations (BTS).   Built-in anti-theft features prevent unauthorized appropriation.   The unique carrying fixture at the top of The PPG also allows for delivery by helicopter to remote areas inaccessible to wheeled vehicles.

The PPG is a prefabricated all-aluminum foldable framed solar array with all related electronics.  No tools, special training, additional adjustments during operation, ground conditioning, on-site trenching, concrete or installation of heavy structural members are needed.  No-flat swivel caster wheels offer easy movement.  At its site, the PPG adapts to the contour of the land.

The built-in fold-out windscreen deflects the wind, while the claw/stabilizer anchors the PPG to the ground to withstand high wind loads and seismic activity without ballast.  If hurricane-type storms are forecast, The PPG can be closed, folded and placed flat on the ground with the rigid and resistant exoskeleton protecting the solar panels from potential large flying debris.  After the storm The PPG is reopened to again generate power.

The Mighty Box provides battery backup/energy storage from a rugged, military-grade enclosure, which houses AGM batteries, inverter and all related electronic components.  The custom-designed caddy creates easy mobility and is removable to prevent misappropriation.  

The solar electricity generated by The PPG charges The Mighty Box batteries during daylight hours, maintaining optimum battery power for day and night usage.  Optional Battery Companion Units provide up to eight additional batteries for more amp hours.

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The unique transformational design of The PPG offers added value during non-emergency times for state and local governments.  In locations where grid power is available, PPGs can be networked together to create traditional ground-mounted solar installations of any size using traditional inverters to reduce annual operating costs, fuel consumption and carbon footprint. 

If an emergency arises and relocation to provide power is necessary, any number of PPGs are easily disconnected without disruption to the entire installation and rapidly deployed.  The Mighty Boxes, which have been in storage at 100% readiness by AC connection to an internal trickle charger are disconnected and transported with The PPGs.

When the emergency passes, PPGs are reconnected to their home site installation and Mighty Boxes are returned to storage, recharging and ready for future redeployment.  

The Mighty Power System is an essential resource in developing countries, especially for those living and working in remote locations where no grid power exists.