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As a homeowner, in the event of an emergency you need to feel secure that essential home appliances and devices continue to operate if power is lost.

When a genuine emergency occurs, natural gas may be turned off and propane and diesel fuel will be in short supply.  Enter The Mighty Power Systemâ„¢, a prefabricated transportable solar and battery-powered generator, offering homeowners an easy to use power source during emergencies.

Comprised of The PPG, a foldable solar panel array and The Mighty Box®, a battery backup/energy storage unit housed in a rugged military grade enclosure, The Mighty Power System is noiseless, fuel and fume-free and requires no tools or special training.   It takes two people less than five minutes to make The Mighty Power System operational.

The PPG powers The Mighty Box during sunlight hours.  With the fully charged standard four-battery Mighty Box, a 100 watt light bulb can run for about 49 hours and a standard household refrigerator will run for better than three days without recharge. Built-in input and output receptacles serve all applicable household needs.  The Mighty Box is so safe it can even be used indoors.

When electricity is restored, The PPG and The Mighty Box are simply unplugged and rolled into a garage or storage shed waiting for the next emergency.

The Mighty Power System can even be taken along on family camping trips to supply power in a remote location or vacation cabin.