How does the Mighty Power Systemâ„¢ work?

When the System is delivered to its destination, the PPG and Mighty Box® are moved by two people to the location where power is needed.  No tools are needed for setup and operation.  The PPG is unlocked and placed on the ground with the solar panels facing south for optimum sun exposure.

The built-in fold-out Windscreen and Claw are deployed, stabilizing and securing the PPG to the ground.  The PPG is connected to the Mighty Box with the provided cabling.  A provided spider cable is used to plug in the devices and appliances you want to power and then connected to the Mighty Box AC inlets.

For anti-theft security, the PPG’s wheels can be easily removed, and the Mighty Box can be taken out of the caddy and placed directly on the ground.  The wheels and caddy can be stored until the System needs to be relocated. 

Can the Mighty Box be connected to a building’s existing electrical power panel?

The Mighty Power System is designed to ideally be used as a standalone unit for emergency and off-grid power.  But, if desired, it can be connected to a building’s electrical system by the installation of a subpanel with dedicated breakers, installed by an electrical contractor, in the same way a traditional generator would be connected.  Cost effectiveness for permanent installation should also be considered.

How do I determine how many PPGs and Mighty Boxes I will need?

This is determined based on individual need.  The standard Mighty Power System comes with one four-solar panel PPG providing 1160 DC Watts and one Mighty Box containing four 129AH AGM batteries.  This is sufficient for powering lighter loads, e.g. a standard refrigerator, cell phones, laptop, a TV and a few lights.  For example, with a full charge and without any additional charging from the PPG, The Mighty Box will power a 100-watt light bulb for approximately 49 hours and run a standard household fridge for about three or four days.

The New Age Solar team will assist in evaluating your needs.  If more devices/appliances are needed for electrification, the optional Mighty Box Companion with either four or eight additional batteries will provide more power hours.  And, up to three additional PPGs can be connected to one Mighty Box.   Keep in mind that the PPG is designed to continue charging the batteries during sunlight hours reserving optimum battery power during low sun and night hours. 

When working off-grid and in times of low or no sun, always remember to be as conservative as possible in your power usage. 

Can I upgrade by only one additional battery?

No.  The Mighty Box components are internally wired under factory conditions and cannot accommodate any onsite changes or reconfiguration. 

How far can I locate my PPG and Mighty Box from my building/location where power is needed?

A 40’ trunk cable is provided for the PPG to find good sun exposure.  Additional trunk cables are also available.  The Mighty Box is safe to be used indoors or alongside the PPG.

Can I use the PPG without the Mighty Box and link it to my grid connected service?

No.  As designed, the PPG provides DC power and cannot be linked to grid connected AC service without added equipment to convert DC power to AC power.

Can I use The Mighty Power System during inclement weather? Snow?

Yes.  However, if hurricane-type weather is forecast, it’s recommended to take the PPG offline, fold it up, and either place it flat on the ground with the exoskeleton protecting the panels, or place it in a garage or storage shed until the storm has passed.

The PPG can still produce power with a light dusting of snow covering the solar panels.  Anything more will have to be removed for full charging capacity.  Or, as mentioned above, place the PPG in storage until the weather clears.