The Mighty Power System™

A new innovative prefabricated transportable method to deliver solar and battery power during emergencies, grid interruption and in remote off-grid locations.

Ideal for first responders, municipalities, utilities, military, developing countries, commercial and residential applications. 

Versatile in its design and functionality, The Mighty Power System™ is comprised of The PPG, a patented solar portable power generator and The Mighty Box®, battery backup/energy storage.

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  • Prefabricated
  • No tools or special training needed
  • Adapts to all terrain types
  • No extra material handling/storage needed
  • No ground preparation or any concrete or heavy metal support structures
  • Plug and play
  • Operational in less than five minutes once sited
  • Fuel and fume free
  • Operates silently
  • Safe and user friendly
  • Virtually labor free
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Powers and maintains critical loads
  • Unique circuitry allows for in series or in parallel wiring configurations for networking of PPGs with grid-tied installations and/or Mighty Boxes for battery backup/energy storage without any programming or adjustments
  • Built-in anti-theft protection
  • Rapidly deployed
  • EMP hardening available
  • Made in the USA



  • Two aluminum frames double-hinged together house a four-module solar array delivering 1160 DC Watts* of clean renewable energy
  • Provides continuous daytime solar charging of batteries to deliver maximum available battery power
  • All junction boxes and cabling included
  • Provided stainless steel locking pins secure all fittings
  • Alignment fixture provides ease and accuracy to close and secure PPG for transport
  • Automatically adapts to the contour of the land
  • Requires two people to move and set up
  • Stands on 8” no-flat swivel detachable caster wheels. Larger wheels optional to accommodate more challenging terrain
  • Built-in fold-out Windscreen and Claw/Stabilizer anchors PPG on the ground to withstand high wind loads and seismic activity without need for ballast
  • Rigid and resistant exoskeleton protects solar panels
  • When extreme weather is forecast, PPGs can be unplugged, folded shut and placed flat on the ground
  • Built-in carrying apertures allow transport by helicopter to remote locations where standard vehicles cannot travel. Can also be lifted to rooftops by crane
  • A double set of locking brackets secure the fully folded PPG configuration for storage and/or shipping
  • 40’ trunk cable included to provide flexibility in seeking optimum sun exposure
  • Multi-outlet indoor/outdoor extension cord included

The PPG’s unique transformational design provides added value by creating traditional ground-mounted installations of any size using standard inverters, generating solar power into the grid at a designated home base, lowering operating expenses and reducing carbon footprint. 

When an emergency arises or off-grid power is needed elsewhere, any number of PPGs are disconnected, quickly taken offline without disruption to the entire installation, folded into travel configuration and rapidly deployed with Mighty Boxes to distribution sites where they are connected together to immediately generate AC power for the end user. 

When the emergency passes, PPGs are returned to their home base installation, again generating solar power into the grid.  The Mighty Boxes are returned to storage with AC connection powering the internal battery trickle charger to maintain 100% readiness for the next mission. 

*Panels subject to change depending on state-of-the-art products and market availability

The Mighty Box®

  • Complete self-contained battery backup/energy storage system delivered in a rugged military grade cabinet
  • 48VDC system delivers 6.4 kWh energy storage/useable electricity
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Standard unit contains four 129 AH AGM batteries, pure sine wave inverter, USA made MPPT charge controller, switchgear, trickle charger and a host of inlets and outlets
  • Optional Battery Companion Units available with either four or eight additional 129 AH batteries for more power hours and energy storage
  • Unprecedented power for hard to start loads, e.g. water pumps, refrigeration, heating
  • Two DC inlets for connection with PPGs for battery charging. Up to four PPGs, two networked together in parallel, to each DC inlet
  • Built-in vents and cooling fans prevent overheating
  • 30 Amp 120/240V plug & twist receptacle
  • 120V battery trickle charger with a 15-amp inlet
  • Two 20-amp 125V receptacles
  • Custom-designed removable wheeled caddy provides ease of transport and anti-theft protection
  • One DC high power interconnect receptacle to receive additional DC power from Battery Companion Box
  • 30 Amp 120/240V plug & twist inlet for external gas generator if additional power ever needed for interim battery charging


For additional information, see our Tech Specs.