Our Team

Jerry Sorgento, Founder and CTO

As a former Design and Lead Engineer in the aerospace industry for more than three decades, Jerry has worked for companies including IBM (as subcontractor for NASA Project), Boeing and Grumman Aircraft on the design, research and development of cutting-edge aircraft.

Jerry’s interest and passion for renewable energy as a means to care for our environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels led him to leave the aerospace industry and study renewable energy technology.  He began his solar career with AstroPower, an early leader in the solar PV industry.  One year later, he established New Age Solar.  Jerry’s diverse engineering background, coupled with highly specialized expertise in tooling and design and unrivaled personal attention to customers’ needs, made New Age Solar a highly sought-after company in the crowded arena of New Jersey based solar businesses. 

Recognizing how climate change is  creating  more extreme weather and ultimately leading to natural disasters causing grid interruption, Jerry designed the company’s newest venture, The Mighty Power System,  a transportable solar array and battery backup/energy storage system, which delivers immediate emergency and off-grid power where and when needed.

A New Jersey native, Jerry is a graduate of New York Military Academy and the University of Miami School of Architecture.  He furthered his education with courses in Construction Technology at Hudson Valley Technical Institute, Structural Engineering at the University of Seattle and Solar PV Coursework at Montclair State University.

Ryan Stankevitz, Electrical Designer

Ryan, a New England native, is an industry professional with years of experience as a licensed Master Electrician, An Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator and avid electronics repair enthusiast.

With a degree in Electrical and Electronics, and specializing in customer service, Ryan has over twenty-five years of professional experience in the solar installation industry as an Applications Engineer/Technical Salesperson for some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Rosalie Muskatt, General Manager

Rosalie joined New Age Solar in 2006, bringing with her a keen interest in renewable energy.  Her background as a film/TV producer and corporate executive, connecting people and projects, assisted in the expansion of New Age Solar’s footprint and new business.  As the company pivots into the manufacturing sector, Rosalie continues her coordination of all company activities, including building new partnerships and implementing long-term goals.