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The Mighty Power Systemâ„¢ is a viable fuel-free, safe, silent clean energy resource for farming operations, delivering consistently reliable energy sources: solar and batteries.  Versatile and transportable, it is comprised of two separate components: The PPG and The Mighty Box®.

The PPG is a prefabricated all-aluminum foldable framed solar array, a built-in fold-out windscreen and quick release no-flat swivel caster wheels for easy movement on most terrain.  Optional 10” wheels can be used to navigate more difficult rural terrain.

The Mighty Box provides battery backup/energy storage in a rugged military grade enclosure and houses AGM batteries, inverter, charge controller, switchgear, inlets, outlets, fans, charger and additional related electronics.  The Mighty Box rides in a custom-designed mobile and removable caddy.  

An ideal alternative to diesel and propane generators and in many cases more economical than new transformers and electric lines, The Mighty Power System is a sustainable resource for remote water pumps, livestock water supply, pond aeration, small irrigation systems and electric fences providing battery power night and day.

When sited and set-up by two people, The Mighty Power System becomes fully operational in less than five minutes.  No tools, special training, additional adjustments during operation, ground conditioning, ballast, on-site trenching, concrete or installation of heavy structural members are needed.   Material handling and warehousing is eliminated.  Built-in anti-theft features prevent unauthorized appropriation. 

The unique mobility of The Mighty Power System provides adaptability to most any conditions.  The PPG can be set up in a fixed location, always ready to charge the batteries in The Mighty Box.  If power is needed in other farm property locations The Mighty Box alone can be transported in the bed of a pickup ready to deliver electricity when and where needed.